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Monday, May 11, 2009

Rivalry Reignited?

Giants closer Brian Wilson has a ritual after ever successful save. He crosses his arms, in a gesture related to his religion as well as his late father.

Sunday night against the hated Dodgers, Wilson blew the save opportunity after throwing a 12th inning home run to third baseman Casey Blake. Wilson fought through the adversity, and pitched a strong 13th inning to preserve the win.

After the game, however, Wilson received a message from a friend. A picture message, showing Blake mocking Wilsons post-game ritual.

He seemed distraught about the incident, his teammates consoled him, and he declined to discuss it to reporters after the game. Asked if he might talk to Blake the next time they meet, Wilson stood silent. Jeremy Affeldt, standing in the next locker said, "Blake knows what he did."

Blake had left by the time San Francisco reporters asked for a statement.

In a post game wrap-up, Giants commentator Mike Krukow hinted at a possibility of Wilson seeking revenge the next time they play L.A.

If a Giants pitcher goes head hunting, expect benches to clear. Expect fireworks. And in my opinion, much needed fireworks.

Although fans still bleed their respected colors and often come to blows in the bleechers, The on field rivalry has been fading for years. Largely due to a lack of significance in the league as well as talent.

But this year the Dodgers have the best record in Baseball and the Giants are second in the division with a full head of steam. Manny being Manny opened the door, and now this?? An addict like myself can only hope the Giants capitalize...

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  1. If you were not Brian Wilson's teammate, how would you know that this was a religious symbol?

    This happens all the time in sports, what about all the athletes that mocked Mutombo over the years. It's really not that big of a deal, but whatever it takes to get you excited about the next game should be used to your benefit.

    GO Dodger Blue!