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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Atonement or a joke?

On Sunday, Mothers Day, Lydia Moore was treated to a great gift from her son. He was playing in an NBA playoff game on the road, and made sure his mom had great seats for the pivotal, and sure to be exciting game 3.

The game was a roller coaster of emotions. She was nervous, excited, and proud of her baby all at the same time. Unable to avert her eyes, let alone sit down the entire 4th quarter, Moore was unsure if she would be leaving overjoyed or dejected.

Or irate

With 6.5 seconds left in the game, her sons team, the Denver Nuggets were down by 2 points but had the ball at half court. Her nerves were on fire. Moore watched her son, Kenyon Martin, give the inbounds pass to Carmelo Anthony.

He bobbled it. 4 seconds. He got bumped by the defender. 2 seconds. He couldn't balance himself, but set his feet behind the 3 point line. Splash!!

Carmelo Anthony had just hit an incredible, game winning shot, on the road, in the playoffs!

Crickets chirped. Pins dropped. The home crowd could not believe what they had just seen. Moore was in a trance. What a mothers day gift!

The home fans started complaining about what should have been a foul, but wasn't called. She was just happy Anthony kept playing until he heard (or didn't hear) a whistle.

As time ran out she noticed that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban who had been complaining about the no-call, seemed unstable. Pushing camera men out of the way, Cuban heard a fan screaming about the Nuggets being "thugs," prompting him to tell Moore, "That includes your son."
According to Martin's agent, Brian Dyke, Cuban also told Moore,
"Your son is a punk."
Looks like she would be leaving irate after all.


Now... As a fan, I understand that when an obvious call is missed one of the first emotions would be anger. And I also understand that some people have a tendency to displace said anger.

But as an owner of an NBA franchise, it is completely uncalled for and flat out wrong.

First of all, as a man, if you have an opinion about somebody, you say it to their face. Its a punk move to bring it to somebody's mom. ON MOTHERS DAY! Even if what you're saying is true, why go so low??
Cuban later apologized, but he did it in a way that is true to form. He didn't call Martin, or Moore. Nor did he attempt to meet with either. What did he do you ask? He wrote a half-assed apology in his blog, in what is clearly nothing but a PR move.
I used to like Mark Cuban, and thought that Bay Area franchises would be lucky to have an owner like him. But he lost A LOT of respect with this move. I still like what he does with charities and what not, but this showed a side of Cuban nobody needed to know about.
So, I ask you, reader.. Did Cubans apology make up for his actions?

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  1. i mean, cuban was angry, but you're right that his being an owner makes his remarks pretty classless. crazy game winning moment though.